The first impression counts, the first days on campus

The first time on the new campus brings with it a flood of emotions. We asked our new students: What was your first impression of the campus?

When you enter the new campus for the first time, where you will live and study for the next few years, it also brings a flood of emotions. Many of the new hospitality management students are excited, often a little nervous. Because usually the start of a study also means the beginning of a new phase of life.

Many exciting moments await the new students at the EHL Campus Passugg. You get your room key at the reception desk and find out how and with whom you will be living next semester. At the welcome events you get to know your new fellow students, make your first friends and curiously explore the new campus and everything it has to offer.

At the start of this semester we were able to welcome numerous new students from all over the world to the EHL Campus Passugg and wanted to hear directly from them:

What was your first impression of our campus in the Swiss mountains?



You feel like you're in a real hotel

When you enter the school hotel of the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg, you feel like in a real hotel. You are warmly welcomed at the impressive and golden shining reception and receive your room key just like a hotel check-in. This feels like the right place to study hotel management!

Passugg lives hospitality

At the EHL Campus Passugg, hospitality is not only taught but also lived. When you first walk through the gates, you quickly see and realize that everyone is wearing a suit, acting businesslike and living business etiquette. The dress code certainly leads to a certain professionalism, but one also feels well looked after. Because despite the dress code, the atmosphere is not strict or austere, but extremely friendly and courteous. 

The people in Passugg are warm-hearted

You quickly realize how easy it is to settle in on the campus in the Swiss Alps. Thanks to the small size of the school and the familiar atmosphere, you will always see familiar faces both at dinner and in class. Meeting people and learning names is easier every day, everyone is friendly and cordial. You are warmly welcomed and involved in conversation not only by your colleagues, but also by the staff and lecturers everywhere.

An association that comes up again and again: This is where Swiss Hogwarts study

This magnificent and boutique school hotel in the Swiss mountains reminds many students of the Hogwarts school building from the Harry Potter novels. It is a magnificent and enchanting castle where students not only study but also live, with homely community rooms. From Passugg you can also admire the magnificent star-studded sky at night, just as the sorcerer's apprentices.

But you'll have to find out the secrets of the school hotel yourself on site and who knows, maybe you'll write your own new story here?