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SSTH shortlisted for the Reimagine Education Awards!

Education is changing and new visions are necessary. SSTH was nominated in the category "Nurturing Employability" for a prestigious global award.

SSTH shortlisted for the Reimagine Education Awards!

The Reimagine Education Awards bring together start-ups, academic faculty of top universities, chief innovation officers, university leadership, and other stakeholders in the future of teaching and learning to recognize the most innovative educational approaches in a global competition. The "Oscars" of education, so to speak!

In the current year, 1507 innovators from 39 countries have applied with their projects for a total of 16 award categories in the field of education.

The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) was shortlisted for an award in the category "Nurturing Employability" with the project "Elysium - the multisensory Restaurant and Education Experience". The SSTH now has the opportunity to present the innovative training concept behind the multisensory restaurant Elysium to a global jury of experts.

The Reimagine Education Award in the category "Nurturing Employability" is given to the project which can prove a clear connection between the training of new skills and an increase in the employability of graduates.

Education is changing - we are implementing new visions

In times of digitalization, fast pace and cost optimization, emotions and unique experiences play an increasingly important role for travelers, hotel and restaurant guests. In order to actively shape such experiences as a host, new skills are required. The importance of soft skills and emotional competence is therefore becoming increasingly important for gastronomes and hoteliers. For this reason, SSTH developed a new vision of "Affective Hospitality". A central aspect of this is to familiarize students with the strategic, operative and tactical approach in interpersonal interactions. In the future, the focus will be on the human factor.

Our innovative teaching and learning approach

With the Elysium the SSTH has developed a multisensory restaurant concept on its campus. On the one hand, it serves as a laboratory for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in "Affective Hospitality" and, on the other hand, it will bring a unique, trend-setting gastronomy experience closer to a broad public. Both students and guests will learn about the latest innovations and industry trends.

We combine cutting-edge research, new technology and a creative mentor-student dynamic to a novel way to apply existing educational theory. The students are not only integrated but also taking responsibility over the entire production chain of the multisensory restaurant.

The hotelmanagement students participate in the storytelling, the projection, the design and the cooking of the menus, plate decoration and can stage the choreography for the guest however they think they can impress and surprise the most. The students of the SSTH thus not only receive theoretical content on "Affective Hospitality", but can also implement their own ideas directly in the multisensory restaurant "Elysium" - always accompanied by mentors and experts.