Smoothies — The Modern Fruit Slush

Meet our smoothie expert at EHL Campus Passugg, who talks about his variation of smoothies and how it will be healthy for student life.

Smoothies come in different shapes and sizes. Want to know all about smoothies? Well, we at EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) have Mr. Giuseppe who talks about different variations of smoothies and how he developed the smoothie menu at Campigiana Bar at EHL Campus Passugg.

Meet our SSTH smoothie expert!

Our smoothie expert, Mr. Giuseppe, is not only multi-lingual and passionate about hospitality, he especially cares about the little things it has to offer also. He worked in the food and beverage industry for 15 years and was inspired by his colleague whom he was working with in Florida, USA, to create a healthy lifestyle by the simplest of things. He defines his ideology on the SSTH smoothie menu and its key structures as to why it is necessary in the long run that we eat and drink healthy food items. He also plans to develop an interesting set of winter season smoothies with a few spices and other warm ingredients.


Giuseppe, what does a smoothie mean to you?

I never really defined a smoothie other than the fact that I like it. I am an absolute fan of the idea of putting together what I like according to my preferences, combined with what is healthy. I then mix all these great ingredients together in a simple way as a meal or just another beverage.

You can always play around with the different kind of smoothies you like. For e.g: If you are looking for a cleanse, a detox smoothie with the right ingredients would be perfect for the energy you desire. Add the items in a fast, yet simple way to make it tasty and delicious.

A smoothie provides a simple way of nourishing your body the way you want, and it is very practical and easy to do so. Everybody is different and they need individual nourishment, so alterations are always welcomed.

Berry Smoothies

How did you create this varied menu for the Campigiana Bar?

I wanted to provide the choice of it being vegan and gluten free, because some people require certain fluids in their bodies. I am not a vegan, but I do like vegan products as well because sometimes I have my own source of protein and I do not prefer going with the same contents again and again. For example: I do not want to stick to certain meat items because it gets boring and monotonous. I would keep switching to a plant based option or change it with another healthy yet delicious alternative. This is one of the reasons that our Campigiana is the most favorite outlet at EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality.

What ingredients do you use while preparing the smoothies?

80 percent of the ingredients are native from Switzerland but some of them are imported from other European countries. These products are also organic. I really try to bring the flavours out by experimenting variations with organic products. We offer different kinds of protein source for lactose intolerant individuals.

Rice milk, almond milk and soy-milk are some options that suffice the smoothie with enough protein requirements. If the students feel that it is not enough, then I also add some protein powder to make it thick and nutritious. Out of all the berries that we have here, the buckthorn berry is very powerful. Ingredients like matcha tea powder, almonds, hemp seeds, honey, agave, and almond butter are some of the boosters in the drinks. Some students do not eat green vegetables and they are very important for bodily consumption. Therefore, I include broccoli, celery, and spinach in the green machine. With this, I add sweet fruits to them so the bitterness washes away.

Also, the ingredients that I use at the bar provide a lot of energy to my students. I am sure that is the secret of their uplifting grades (chuckles). Not only does it improve but also magnifies their concentration during exams. As an individual, it is important to get certain dietary nutrition in your body and these smoothies are just the perfect combination for it.

What are the variations that you offer at EHL Campus Passugg?

To start with, I developed the following smoothies, more ideas to come!

  • Mocha Mocha (chocolate and coffee based)
  • Green Machine (green vegetables and tropical fruits)
  • Fortunat’s Favorite (berries)
  • Almighty Almond (almond butter, hemp seeds)
  • Matcha Queen (matcha powder, linseed, banana)

In all these variations, the students are free to alternate ingredients and try them with different sources of protein or add their favorite fruits.

Smoothies Favourite

Tips while preparing a smoothie

There is no particular guide to make a smoothie but on top of my head, it is very important to take care of your health and hygiene. Some of them include:

  • Try to use fresh products
  • Make sure you have the right combination of the ingredients
  • Experimentation is always good
  • Include sources of protein, fiber and natural products
  • Wash your blender properly