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29 May, 2017

There has been a proliferation of new hotel concepts hitting the market in recent years which seek in various ways to redefine hospitality.

The 'affordable luxury' mantra has often been, "give clients only what they want or need" or "don't make clients pay for unnecessary extras".

Tribe Hotel Group has taken the process one step further with its ground-up innovative approach to the business. The company is economising on unnecessary costs right from the beginning – starting with the construction phase.

Indeed, the 9-storey, 126-key hotel has been built by Melbourne-based Probuild using prefabricated modules, produced in China, and components to accelerate building times, as well as to ensure more consistent quality – all with substantial cost savings over more conventional methods.

Tribe Hotel Perth

According to Tribe, the chain has succeeded in circumventing traditional construction methods through "embracing a smarter, more efficient production model".

The proprietary modular build system "slashes construction costs and environmental footprints, allowing us to pass on the cost savings to our guests", according to the chain.

The hotel company claims that it is Australia’s first integrated modular design hotel, with pre-fabricated guest rooms.

Opened in May

The first location of Tribe Hotel Group’s brand opened in May 2017 in West Perth, Australia.

Mantra Group will manage that location, and the partnership intends to open other properties in Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne.

Tribe is a joint venture between the founder Mark Peters, who has a background in design and investment, Salta Properties and Victor Smorgon Group.

A Jamie Oliver disciple in the kitchen

The hotel features contemporary living areas that are part collaborative workspace, part social club featuring breakout spaces, lounges, an outdoor courtyard and Tribe Foods.

Tribe Hotel Perth

Design details include works by Australian contemporary artists.

Queen beds in the guest room have a custom designed base for storage; there are also floor-to-ceiling windows and blackout blinds, as well as rain showers.

Tribe Foods is a café by day and bar by night with menus by Tobie Puttock, an Australian celebrity chef who worked with British chef Jamie Oliver at the River Café and established a Fifteen Restaurant in Melbourne.

The focus of the new Tribe Foods outlet will be on "sustainable, seasonal and ethical food".

A new place to belong?

Tribe sees its mission as redefining the hotel experience through creating "a contemporary design-driven alternative in progressive, central locations that won’t leave your wallet bare."; meanwhile avoiding "out-of-date services, hotel clichés and hidden extras, which can sour client relations.

The chain's approach is epitomised by the question, "What do you want in a hotel? A new place to stay or to belong?"

Tribe Hotel Perth

A new take on the Bauhaus?

The chain's target clientele is defined as "new breed of travellers who are independent and environmentally aware and that travel far and wide and often".

They’re tech savvy and time poor and they demand 'affordable luxury'.

These diverse modern travellers are connected by a taste for contemporary design, a spirit of adventure and a new understanding of what a functional, contemporary hotel should be.

They are the 'Tribe'.

In a way, this seems like a new take on the Bauhaus movement in pre-war Germany which was founded with the idea of creating a 'total' work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) in which all arts, including architecture, would eventually be brought together emphasising a combination of form and function.

Tribe Hotel Perth

Hotels designed from the ground up

Tribe seeks to challenge what its terms "the old world, superfluous perks" to ensure that guests pay only for what they want and need.

By rethinking every aspect of hotel design and service delivery, the chain claims to have created a hotel model that allows them to provide a contemporary design-driven experience at a fraction of the price.


YES/OUI/ JAWOHL/SÌ/DA/ YOU BET to all that's below:
NO/NON/ NEIN/NIET/ NOT A CHANCE to all that's below:
Free Wi-Fi, that’s a given.
Signature beds and amenities you would love to have at home.
An incompetent concierge.
Stylish contemporary spaces you would be proud to call your own.
Bills groaning with unwanted extras and hidden costs.
Sociable atmosphere with privacy when you need it.
Long check-ins and check-outs.
No nonsense, no hidden costs.
To speak to someone every time they want something.
Easy to use technology that works every time.
Tipping for unnecessary services.
Unique, innovative experiences.
Room service and overpriced mini bars.
A mobile office.
Generic hotel chains with little local knowledge.
Desirable, practical and casual eating and living spaces.
Large, musty rooms with space they don’t use.
Source: Tribe Hotels