Instead of choosing a standard summer camp, why not explore an amazing hospitality experience?

This article looks at the hospitality camp available from SSTH and shows how it can be a good option for children looking for a fun and immersive experience.

When summer arrives, it’s pretty common for teens to find themselves bored. After all, without school to fill so much time, there are simply too many hours in the day just to play games and watch TV. Plus, many kids find that their friends are vacationing so there may not be opportunities to hang out.

That’s why a camp or “experience” could be a good choice. If you want to give your children a head start in life while keeping them busy too, EHL’s Junior Academy could be the ideal solution.

1 week of immersion into the hospitality industry 

EHL offers a one-week hospitality camp for teens ages 16 through 18. This is the age that many teens start looking at what direction they may decide to go with their careers. This hospitality camp will give them exposure to a field that is growing and also help make connections that could serve them in the future.

Your teen may decide that the hospitality industry is exactly where they want to focus their education after high school, or they may instead realize they are more interested in a related field like cooking, baking or oenology.

Choose between 2 locations

EHL has two campuses, in Lausanne and Passugg. Both of these campuses offer the one-week camp, so the choice really comes down to convenience and where your teen might be more excited to visit. The two camps offer excellent skills and opportunities. In fact, for youth who really want a full experience, EHL offers a 2-week program that includes one week at each location.

Both classroom and hands-on experiences

When they attend the EHL hospitality camp, teens will discover everything that this global industry has to offer. This includes a taste of exciting international culture and lifestyle, to various career opportunities. There will be both classroom and hands-on experiences, plus downtime to get to know the other attendees and explore the beautiful campus.