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In Passugg you experience the future of gastronomy

At EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg (SSTH), dinner becomes an emotional and multi-sensory experience.

At EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg (SSTH), dinner becomes an emotional experience. In the Elysium, a multisensory restaurant, the taste, visual, auditory and olfactory nerves are addressed. For the hotel management school, the Elysium is a digital classroom. This is where the future of gastronomy is being explored.

A different kind of gastronomy

With the multisensory restaurant Elysium, the EHL Hotel Management School in Passugg has developed a new gastronomic concept in which the food itself is only part of the overall experience. On an evening in the Elysium, the guest is addressed in all his senses, working with haptic elements and scents, among other things. By combining the different sensory impressions, childhood memories can arise. The goal of tomorrow's host is precisely to create these imprints.

See here the video report of TV Südostschweiz:

Elysium Bericht im TV Südostschweiz

Students are accompanied and taught by experts

The SSTH students not only serve a 4-course menu on Elysium evening, they are also independently responsible for the staging and show interludes. The complexity is high, a perfect service only succeeds if the coordination with kitchen and technology is right. The technical gastronomic elements in this novel concept follow a storyline and dramaturgy. The hotel management students will be introduced to this new challenge by experts, and will also receive instruction from actors and directors.

A digital classroom

The Elysium functions as a digital classroom and laboratory at the Hotel Management School and is a central component of the new "Affective Hospitality" curriculum. In the hotel and catering industry of the future, the normal service concept has evolved into experiences and emotions if you as a host want to inspire guests in the long term. Things are approached differently in the high-tech and networked world. SSTH is pursuing the new starting point by using the hotel and restaurant as a production element and stage, thereby pointing out new ways in the training of future hotel specialists.

Data for next public events

The next public dinner events will take place on 7 and 28 February 2020 at 6.30 pm. The experience costs 298 CHF including drinks.