Fortunat längs

Fortunat, the SSTH lucky charm

Once a healing water spring in Passugg, Fortunat today accompanies and inspires students at the SSTH Hotel Management School.

"Fortunat" means to be blessed with luck! It is as well the name of one of our very own on-site fountains from where the regional and famous Passugger water has its origin.

Once a healing spring in the historic spa house

The over 150-year-old building of the SSTH school hotel, where students from all over the world now live, was once an internationally renowned spa hotel with various healing mineral springs.

Today, SSTH students still can fill and enjoy the fresh water directly from the tap – maybe that gives them the extra power for their studies?

Fortunat Quelle Passugg

Fortunat, the SSTH lucky charm

Fortunat is a trustworthy mythical creature with a mysterious history. Long gathered knowledge, experience and wisdom accumulate within the SSTH lucky charm into a valuable heritage, which Fortunat cares with it.

This energetic bundle does accompany the students as their mojo. It is seen as a symbol of the rich fountain of knowledge; as the creature of know-how and as a supporting crony for the challenges that the students will have to face.

An ambassador who stands for home and strength

With Fortunat the students hold a piece of SSTH hotel management school in their hands – the educational institution with affection, quality, warmth and confidence. Fortunat enables students to “touch” a piece of the SSTH history and makes the experience at the Swiss Campus memorable.