Concept Week 2019: The Jarvas pop-up Restaurant

HF students in their 4th semester are asked to draw up a gastronomy concept and then implement it effectively. Have a look at our students 2019 concepts.

A highlight of the hotel management education at the SSTH is the concept week, in which students independently develop gastronomic concepts, put them into practice and entertain real guests. The concrete application of what has been learned is the essence of practice-oriented teaching at the hotel management school.

Each student takes on a task in the group, such as Food and Beverage, Finance, Marketing or Organization. The students are evaluated for their work and receive a budget for its implementation. They must present the concept to the Head of Studies and have it approved.

For this 2019 edition, our students proudly present a new concept in the style of pop-up restaurant:

The Jarvas Restaurant

The concept:

In the "Jarvas" - the pop-up restaurant of the SSTH students, guests can enjoy a modern, urban restaurant concept with regional influence for a short period of time.

As the name "Jarvas" - Rhätoromanic for herbs - implies, the main focus is on a regional cuisine refined with fresh herbs. The menu is inspired by the unique location of the Glashuus in the nursery Schaniel in Malans, paired with regional products and wine specialities.

The flower house inspired the students to think of a meal in the countryside. The concept was implemented in the sense of a Tavolata, where it is about feeling at home and celebrating food in the community.

On both days a lunch menu and an evening menu are offered at an unbeatable price. The 3-course Business Lunch costs CHF 39. In the evening, the SSTH students invite to a 4-course gala dinner incl. aperitif at CHF 75.

Dates: 22nd & 23rd of May 2019

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The Pop-up Restaurant is the final project of the hotel management school classes in the 4th semester. The students of the SSTH hotel management school Passugg apply their theoretical knowledge again and again in the real hospitality environment in the sense of practice-oriented teaching.