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Christmas markets near Chur

That time of the year is coming up really quickly and you are probably planning on visiting every Christmas market near you. Hereunder, we have gathered a list of the best markets near Chur.

When Christmas is just around the corner, all we can think about are lights, decorations, mulled wine and gift ideas. Is there any better way to combine all these things to a whole day with your friends in one of Switzerland’s most famous Christmas markets? We think there isn’t. Whether you are in the German part of Switzerland or not, we have a list that you’ll want to cross off.

Chur – Weihnachtsmarkt Chur

When: from November 29th and 30th 2019

Made up of 160 stalls, this Christmas market is one of the biggest ones in Switzerland. The old town lights up in festive lights and fills up with regional and handmade Christmas specials.

What’s better synonym with Christmas than handmade, local products? We can’t think of anything, except naming them all and letting you choose your favourite one. In this Christmas market, you will find hundreds of wooden toys, Christmas decoration, baked goods and many other ideas for you to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

During your scavenger hunt to the best souvenirs to bring back, you will also be able to enjoy a well-deserved break by treating yourself to mulled wine, Christmas cookies, soups, and many other delicacies.

In addition, this market will surprise you with a unique activity: on Ochsenplatz, you will find glassblowers who will show you how to create your own Christmas balls. In Rathaushalle, you will also have the possibility to design your own candles, under the guidance of an expert.

Chur – Churer Christkindlmarkt

When: from November 28th to December 23rd 2019

A bit smaller than the previous one, but just as Christmassy, this Christmas market is the perfect place to gather with friends on a December afternoon.

You will wander in the midst of products made by traders and artisans, where you are sure to find the perfect gifts. Not only that, but you will also encounter many chalets to indulge in gourmet treats such as mulled wine and local delicacies from the Grisons canton.

Lenzerheide – Zauberwald Lenzerheide

When: December 13th – 30th 2019

The region will be filled with magic during the holiday season: this open sky festival brings together all elements of Christmas: lights, music and gastronomy.

The unique atmosphere in the “squirrel forest” will delight thousands of guests who will experience a moment which will be completely different from their daily life. In the middle of the forest, you can find a Christmas market where you will find traditional and national products.

Lucerne – Christmas markets

The city of Lucerne hosts various Christmas markets throughout the holidays.

The first one is the Lozärner Wiehnachtsmärt. Situated in the Franziskanerplatz, this Christmas market is defined as a “Christmas star heaven”, full of decorations and treats (gingerbread, mulled wine, punch…) to delight both adults and children. This market consists of around 70 stands and all offer a wide variety of gift ideas. This market is opened from December 5th to December 22nd 2019.

The second one is the Internationales Weihnachtsforum Venite in Kapellpltaz. This particular market is made up of 20 chalets, each representing a different country. Each country showcases how Christmas is celebrated in the different parts of the world. The “Venite” goal is a culinary and cultural exchange that aims to enrich the visitors as well as promoting the different cultures. From craftsmanship to food, you will find typical Christmas products from different countries. This market is opened from December 12th to December 15th 2019.

The third one is the Christbaummarkt. It is only opened one week before Christmas along the Schweizerhofquai.

The last one is the Luzern Weihnachtsmarkt or Luzerner Handwerksmarkts in the city’s old town. It is made up of 70 craftsmen offering their handmade products. This market is opened on December 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd 2019.

Zurich – Christmas markets

With its 10 Christmas markets, Zurich will delight each one of you. With openings ranging from mid-November to the beginning of January, you are sure to experience the most Christmassy atmosphere of Switzerland.

The Opernhaus market (November 21st to December 23rd 2019) is one of the biggest ones in Zurich. Situated near the lake, the market has over 100 stands full of craftsmanship products offering jewellery and a wide variety of culinary treats, both international and Swiss. This Christmas market also has an ice-rink for you to enjoy the afternoon with your friends.

The Old Town market (November 21st to December 23rd 2019) is also the oldest one in the city. Here’s your chance to visit this part of the city while enjoying a glass of mulled wine.

The Zurich WerdmĂĽhleplatz (November 21st to December 23rd 2019) is one of the most recent markets of the city but is just as attractive thanks to its Singing Christmas Tree: a stage shaped like a tree hosts many regional chorales who will delight you with the most beautiful carols.

The Christmas market of the city (November 21st to December 23rd 2019) is ideally located in between the stores Jelmoli and Globus and is therefore the perfect place for Christmas shopping.

The Main Station Christmas market, the Christkindlmarkt, (November 21st to December 24th 2019) is located inside the train station and has 140 stands which make it one of the biggest indoor Christmas markets in Europe. The train station is filled with mulled wine and cinnamon aromas as well as a 10m tall Swarovski Christmas tree.

The MĂĽnsterhof Christmas market (November 21st to December 24th 2019) is surrounded by historical buildings and offers a modern but elegant atmosphere. The market also includes a tent which hosts concerts, readings and various workshops.

Baden’s Village of Miracles (November13th 2019 to January 5th 2020) is the perfect place to ice-skate, indulge in season’s treats and shop, thanks to its vast offering of gifts ideas and designer products. In addition, a two-floor chalet (the Miracles’ Villa) will enchant you with its cheese specialities and barbecues that you can enjoy while overlooking the whole market.

The Christmas market in Winterthur (November 22nd to December 22nd 2019) has 100 chalets nicely decorated, giving the market the perfect atmosphere. Here you will find many ideas and souvenirs to buy: candles, jams, gingerbread, jewellery…

Einsiedeln is a small village famous for its monastery and the Christmas market (November 30th to December 8th 2019) is situated right in front of it. All the stands are heartily decorated and the lights, together with the Christmas tree, will make your eyes sparkle. The stands together with the many shops of the village make up the perfect market for you to spend the afternoon.

The romantic Christmas market of Rapperswil-Jona, the Christkindlmärt (December 13th to December 22nd 2019) is completed with the atmosphere of the Old Town together with the castle. With almost 250 stands, this market is one of the biggest ones of Switzerland. During the last few days, the market only hosts 130 chalets, but remains just as romantic.

St. Gallen Christmas market

When: from November 28th to December 24th 2019

In this Christmas market, you will find hundreds of local delicacies and handmade products in around 70 wooden huts.

On the first Sunday of Advent, the 20m tall Christmas tree lights up, together with the Old Town alleys, decorated with Christmas lights. This market and its concerts make the UNESCO World Heritage site the perfect place to visit over the holidays.

In the various stands, you will find (amongst other things): candles, cookies, Christmas decorations and mulled wine. What makes this Christmas market even more unique is the Weihnachtszirkus, the Christmas circus, offering a show every evening.


Let yourself be enchanted by all these Christmas markets and enjoy the holiday seasons with culinary treats, scents and handmade products.


Author: Chiara Eckenschwiller