Alumni Story: Maksim Ryshkov

Chief Operations Officer at Central Management Agency in Karlsbad (CZ)

There are many recipes to be happy, but mine is very simple:

it only takes three basic ingredients: Health, positive thinking and love. It doesn't matter how you mix the three and in what proportion, the main thing is that the ingredients are genuine and of the best quality.

SSTH - a place that shapes people for the future.

For me personally SSTH gave a solid base of hospitality knowledge and provided with a great career start. SSTH also enriched my private life with my most important person - Barbara, my wife. We live together with our two daughters and smile every time, we remember SSTH and the time we had in Passugg.

My motto in life is "Don't worry about impressing others. Impress yourself first".

To be successful in my job I need perseverance, patience, foresighted, positive thinking and the ability to listen to my guests and team members. Since I love what I do, I don’t really have to go to work, but enjoy my time spent there.

My mission is to ensure smooth overall hotel operation, to control sales, revenue and cost KPIs, as well as to develop and follow strategies. In order to make all this happen, it requires great team work and a lot of motivation. The easiest and most quicker way too motivate your colleagues, is to maintain proper, transparent and consistent communication: morning, HOD and other operation meetings, pre shift briefings, town halls, news letters and social media posts. This is the way to motivate and spread out positive vibes.

A Centralized Approach

Our knowledge and multiyear experience in hospitality and facility management have defined the nature of our offering. Central Management Agency s.r.o. takes a hands-on, proactive approach providing management solutions with passion and professionalism for business owners. Our mission is to deliver high-quality management support services to owners, investors, and developers in the fields of hotel and restaurant management.

CMA operates in Czech Republic. Head office is located in spa town Karlovy Vary.

Our Philosophy

We don’t have clients, we serve our partners! Our philosophy is pretty simple and oriented to serving and supporting our partners with competency and professionalism. We combine leading personal, technical, commercial and financial expertise to deliver invaluable solutions with effective results to our partners.

My advice for all future SSTH Alumni is:

Hospitality is an inherent part of every other industry. It's about how we deal with our guests, customers, colleagues, partners or investors, every success depends on that. It is no longer about b2b or b2c, more important is the relationship p2p, people to people. SSTH provides a great foundation for living together with other people from different cultures, thinking along with them and achieving important goals together. Use this time, it will shape you.