Ivan Breiter

Alumni Story: Ivan Breiter

Director of South East Asia Market at Switzerland Tourism in Singapore

The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality was like a springboard into the big, wide world.

Togetherness in everyday school life is an outstanding opportunity to come into contact with different cultures, thereby one learns to approach each other - the first step for a successful international career.

After my graduation I did a few internships in hotels and tourism organizations where I finaly landed at Switzerland Tourism. After I worked at the headquarters, a job became vacant in North America, an opportunity that I was happy to take. 

It takes a little courage, to live and work on another continent for an indefinite time.

The change at the beginning is not quite easy, you have to start from the beginning to create a new social environment, some things are more difficult to handle, some are more expensive or in any other way different than you'd imagined. But that's exactly the attraction of such a life, I've learned so much about other cultures, but above all also about himself.

In the meantime, I live in Singapore and manage our Offices in Southeast Asia.

The former, big, wide world has in the meantime become mine. Students of SSTH I can only encourage get this little courage and start new adventures after graduation.