Alumni Story: Ashish Maharjan

Now I own my own business of coffee catering in Stockholm, Sweden

I had the pleasure to experience most areas of hospitality since graduation:

entrepreneurship, restaurant management and service in Chicago and New Delhi, event management in Kathmandu, tour operating in New Delhi, teaching F&B and even managing a hospitality college in Nepal!

I love problem-solving and management, so what I liked the most since graduation was starting my own endeavors: I produced a documentary on food hygiene safety, started a business of hospitality consultancy to help hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu to reach higher standards of service and was part-owner of a franchise of the American Irish pub chain called ‘’Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern’’.

The best about this career is that it gave me flexibility to work in any country because the standards we learn at SSTH are the highest and can be applied anywhere!

Now I own my own business of coffee catering in Stockholm, Sweden.

It’s a mobile coffee concept; we sell specialty Italian coffee in big music festivals and provide catering to companies to enhance their promotion reach. That means that I reach out to customers offering our services, coordinate with them for the events, manage logistics of supplies, set up at events, invoice clients and perform administration work.

I love arranging the logistics and coordinating with my clients and supplies for each of my catering events. I like doing things by myself.

I love team work, but since mine is a small company, I like the idea of a “one-man army”.

Providing a quality product in an attractive package. Showing them how much they gain by taking our service. I’m also friendly with everybody, so my clients like that I’m outspoken and sincere.

The high standards of service and devotion to perfection taught at SSTH are very valuable.

That made me a good trainer for other baristas or service professionals as well.

This may be nostalgic but every time I think of SSTH, it takes me to the main lobby right after the entrance, where the vibrant warm red carpet is, just full of students from different nationalities in their cheeky suits or kitchen dresses. It’s just an amazing feeling!

My advice to the current students: "Don’t rush to top. Enjoy the journey towards it."