Martini on the rock

5 most expensive cocktails around the world

Wondering which are the most expensive drinks around the world? Listed below are some of the worldwide most exclusive cocktails to enjoy.

Cocktails are an important part of the Food and Beverage industry. It is important to have an idea what could increase the value of your drinks with not so simple ingredients. Find here some stimulation of phantasy. 

Diamond is forever: Approx $20,000

Location: Ritz Carlton, Tokyo

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as we know. It seems like the easiest way to come up with such an expensive cocktail are the ingredients. The cocktail itself is made up of Grey Goose vodka with a lime twist. Do you know what makes this beautifully colored cocktail so expensive? It includes a 1-carat diamond as a garnish. Tokyo is considered one of the most expensive places to live, and it seems that the cocktail lives up to its name.

Ono Champagne Cocktail: Approx $10,000

Location: XS Night Club, Las Vegas

Champagne does not need a reason to celebrate

Champagnes have always been a companion with mega celebrations. Moreover, what would be a better way to enjoy a glass of champagne that includes expensive goodies? The champagne in the Ono, Charles Heidsieck 1981 Charlie, is a rare and pricey product. Cocktail buyers receive the whole bottle unopened upon ordering the cocktail, which calls for about 4 oz of champagne per glass. This cocktail-for-two comes with both a set of Mont Blanc cuff-links and an 18k gold, diamond and pearl necklace.

Martini on the Rock: Approx $10,000

Location: The Algonquin Hotel, New York City

Special Martini on the Rock

We all have had Martini on the rocks, but have you tried Martini on the Rock? This famous hotel claims to sell the most expensive cocktail in New York City. This cocktail comes with a diamond, making the “on the rock” a true gem of a pun. In fact, this diamond filled drink is so special that it requires a 3-day advanced reservation and an appointment with a jewelry maker. Depending on the diamond chosen, the drink could cost you up to $15,000.

Diamond Cocktail: Approx $4350

Location: Sheraton Park Hotel, London

Cocktail with a twist

Sheraton Park Hotel’s Diamond Cocktail lives up to its name, which is made with a blend of individual cognacs each of which cost at least $1000 per bottle and Charles Heidsieck Vintage 2001 Champagne. The reason it is one of the most expensive drinks is that there is a diamond floating inside. Once you order the drink, you can choose your stone — and even swap it out for a ruby, if you prefer.

Sapphire Martini: Approx $3000

Location: Fox-woods Resort Casino, Connecticut

Relish yourself with Sapphire Martini

This cocktail is one of a kind cocktail. Immerse yourself in the radiant blue color of the Martini. It is served with a pair of Sapphire and Diamond earrings on the side. Who wouldn’t want that? It is priced at just $24, but as this drink gained more worldwide fame, the management apparently decided to hike up the price of luxury to $3,000.